When life gets too much, sleep......zzzzzz

Life is so tiring at the moment, but I am doing so much less! I'm still going out to work the same each day, still getting the shopping in, doing the usual home things, there just seems to be more time to sit about instead of being out and about. That's the bit I'm missing mostly in my life right now, getting out, I do feel slightly trapped. Those visits to local towns, ambling through the streets and window shopping, even popping into the endless charity shops for a bargain. Stopping off for a coffee or lunch is always a treat and wonderful walks around the National Trust properties and seeing the beautiful gardens and landscapes. Of course a definite favourite is meals and catchups with friends, laughing and sharing stories and just enjoying great company......see you all soon.

During this unsettling and crazy time I have noticed that I have become more creative in both thought and action. I feel that I am much more inspired to draw and I am increasing in confidence as I produce more work and once I put pen to paper the next artwork is already developing before I have even started the current one. At the moment there is no particular theme to my drawings, it is whatever comes to mind and I enjoy the freedom of that, to just go with the flow.

The designs are anything from delicate flowers, with my own distinctive ink designs incorporated into the work to the more inanimate images like structures and buildings. This latest one I am working on is the bandstand in Dartmouth, it has more hard lines than the pretty floral ones I create. I enjoy all styles and maybe in time I will settle into a particular one but for now I am happy to just create.

I have been asked many times if I sell my pictures and I do, I'm just not very good at doing it! If you are interested they are £10 for a 10 x 8 mounted print plus the postage, just drop me an email at or send a message on here. Thank you.

Another one of my passions is to take photographs wherever I go, I really do drive everyone mad with stopping to capture that image. At the moment I do feel limited to the same areas and although there is such stunning scenery around all of the South Hams, I long to venture a little further.

I went into Dartmouth the other day and strolled along the front, the sky and river were so beautiful and incredibly blue and clear. I sat down on a bench and spent time just watching life on the river, the Lower Ferry busily taking cars back and forth between the town and Kingswear and some locals kayaking towards the mouth of the Dart and out to sea. This view always reminds me, on sunny days or winter, how very lucky I am to live here in Devon. I have so many photographs of this exact spot, with cruise ships, sunsets, full moons, fireworks and more, everyone of them holds amazing memories for me, I'm so lucky.

The weekend will soon be with us and now lockdown has been lifted a little, I do hope that you are able to venture out a bit more than before. But if it doesn't feel right for you at the moment to go out, then please stay safe at home, you will know when its ok for you to step outside once again.

I think the weather forecast is a little gloomy for the coming days so enjoy the comfort and surroundings of your on house a little longer and maybe try being creative, get those pencils out and see what you can come up with.

Take care, good night.

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