Waiting for the curtain to fall

We are going through such unusual and difficult times at the moment and in just a few days it will be June, where on earth have the months gone. I have felt at many times like I am living in a movie and just waiting for the curtain to fall and to get up from my seat and walk back into my normal life, this is not going to happen. As a way through this for me, I try to occupy my mind with being creative, also listening to music and taking photos of the beautiful surroundings of the South Hams. This was taken in Kingsbridge during the week, while I sat on a bench eating lunch, perfect way to spend an hour.

On my day off this week, we went for a drive over to South Milton beach but the car park was full so we had to carry on through to Hope Cove, which was definitely worth it. There were a few people on the sand enjoying the sunshine and some in the water, all were social distancing and happy in their own little bubbles. We then headed to Bolberry Down to take in the spectacular views out to sea from the clifftop above.

Today, it was another glorious day and I took myself off for a walk along the public footpath in one of the local fields. I stopped off to have a chat with a few of the sheep along the way who were a bit startled to see me and they were even more surprised when I sat down to enjoy the view with them. There is nothing better than just sitting and taking in your surroundings and in the silence contemplating on life, things can become so much clearer and decisions made more easily.

And so, as this day comes to an end and I watch the sun go down over towards Dartmoor, I wonder what I have learnt or experienced from this amazing world and life today.

It was so exciting to see the live launch on TV of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket in the USA and see it heading off towards the International Space Station. The beginning of human space travel by a private company, where will it lead in the future.

I have today found some wonderful podcasts to listen to, something very new to me, technology eh!! I have an interest in Buddhism, meditation and mantras and this series of weekly audio classes is so brilliant I can't wait to listen to them.

I am forever grateful for the gift of friendship and the kindness of so many people in this sometimes cruel world, they make my life worthwhile. Thank you

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