Transforming lives, kindness always wins

The rain, sometimes it just feels like it goes on and on, from one day to the next. I know I should remember that only a few days ago it felt like summer and it will soon return, but looking out the window today all I could see was greyness and what I have always called no sky. In my positive, annoying to some people, way of looking at life, I always look to the sky for a break in the clouds, that slight hint of blue. When you see that little break, the clouds parting slightly and brightness coming through it brings about a glimmer of hope, will the sun return? Hopefully the days ahead will be good to us and we can enjoy being part of the National Picnic Week from this Monday. I’m planning all kinds of goodies to prepare for the one we are having with friends, I will just have to ask my very talented baker husband to help out with the cooking…..or better still, maybe he could just to do it all!!

Isn’t it sad when you read something about another person’s hardship, loss or tragedy that affects your day, you try to let it go but it stays with you. I always think that it remains with you for a reason, to make you more understanding, teach you empathy or some other lesson in life. The story I read today made me realise that sometimes all a person may need is another to be there for them, to listen, share or as simple as it sounds just a smile from a friendly face. I’m finding at the moment that there are a lot of people who can’t even look up at me as they walk by in the street. Are they so overwhelmed with the uncertainty of our current situation in the world and living in fear, or do they want to avoid conversation with strangers as this may bring the person too close to them. I do still try to acknowledge them as they pass by, just a smile may be all it takes to bring about a change in their day and they may pass it on to the next person too. We all miss hugs, being close to others but lets not start pushing people away. As the quote says ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’

I'm lacking inspiration at the moment for my art work, I really don't know where to start and sit there with a pencil and paper in front of me and nothing happens. I know all of a sudden I will just have an idea pop into my head and begin to draw, but waiting is so hard and I do start to think that I will never have another idea again. I have the thought sometimes of taking my pad, pens and a chair to some lovely location like a National Trust House or local gardens and try to create a drawing from the surroundings. By putting myself in that environment and even if I just started by sketching, it could be the kick I need to try something different. A thought has just come to me, I have some days off work next week and it looks like I may be spending some of the time on my own, so I may take myself off somewhere and have a this space!

Well, the end of the day is here again, a time to reflect on everything that's happened during the last 12 hours or more. I have had some great conversations, laughed so much at one point that it was almost unbearable and learnt a few things about life as always. Tomorrow is a new page, its blank at the moment but I have the opportunity to fill it with whatever I choose, let it be only good things. Good night.

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