The wildlife in our garden had a late night picnic

Yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, was the best weather of the year so far, well in my opinion anyway. It seemed like the day had lost the chill of previous sunny days and it really felt like summer had arrived.

We went for a visit to the local garden centre which has recently opened up and picked up a few plants to put in some pots and a raised bed, some herbs and vegetables with the hope that we get to eat them eventually. Last year my husband grew quite a lot of vegetables and some juicy looking strawberries, however the local wildlife decided to have a picnic late one night and got to enjoy them before we had chance. This year we are thinking of setting up surveillance to catch them before they even begin, but nothing too drastic to harm them in any way.

The walk around the lanes and farmlands after lunch was just so lovely, the roads were really quite and you could hear birds happily singing in the hedgerows. Sometimes I forget what craziness is going on in the world when there is such peace around me.

I have had several requests for prints of this artwork, I think because its current to what is going on at the moment and with a mention within it to the wonderful NHS. Hopefully the printers will be opening again soon and I can get some copies of this and others that I have completed since lockdown.

The husband spent a lot of his day cooking as usual, he does create some amazing things but I forget to take photos mostly, I promise to start. Yesterday we were treated to some bread, mayonnaise, potato salad and coleslaw to go with lunch and also cheese scones for a snack later, this is some of his delicious bread.

One of my favourite things to do at the end of the day is take photos of the sun setting. Sometimes the sky is amazing but I can't seem to capture it and other times, well just wow. I may click to take the photo but nature does all the work. Until next time, stay safe and well.

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