On the bright side

What can be more beautiful than nature, to walk down a road and be greeted by this wonderful site. An amazing blue sea that glistens in the sunlight, flowers that grow in places you would never imagine, coming up through the sand and all around so very peaceful, except for the gulls competing in the distance. Why is it then that so many people seem intent on destroying it. I am so upset and saddened by everything I keep reading and hearing through the media, the complete lack of regard for our Earth. The spectacular unspoiled areas around the world are under threat for money, the greed of people or corporations that don't seem to even consider what they are doing. Animals whose natural habitats are being lost and so many are on the verge of extinction, oceans that are full of our waste that are killing the marine life. Wake up world, change is seriously needed or are you happy to just sit back and watch everything you ever knew disappear or alter beyond recognition. Nature is good at restoring and recovering but at the moment the scales have been tipped so far in the wrong direction that I fear so much will be lost in the near future if we don't make changes soon.

Who would ever have thought that life as we knew it would completely change in just a few months, I do struggle, as many do, to come to terms with it some days. I went out today and watched as people were going about their business wearing masks and gloves, screens and hand sanitizer is the new normal everywhere and cash is almost a dirty word now. Businesses that have completely closed down, unable to survive with the temporary closures or a lack of customers and money. Some have decided to call it a day as they no longer want to continue and are happy to move on in a new direction. There are so many people I know that are wanting to make huge changes in their lives. Those selling up and starting new adventures or moving to another part of the country or abroad. Others leaving their jobs and careers for a simpler life, they all knew they were unhappy with the life they were leading before but just didn't know how to change it, the virus made them sit back and think about their dreams and decide this was the time for change. Make your wishes on a full moon.

This is a drawing I started in the week although there is still a lot more work to go into it. I can't quite decide what just yet, but as soon as I pick up a pencil to begin I will know. One day I may have a complete picture in my head of something I want to draw from start to finish, a nice thought but I doubt it will happen. I am also creating a little something for someone special which I will share another time, once they have seen it.

As each day becomes night, I always think about all that has gone on in those hours from waking in the morning, my thoughts on life, who I have met and what I have learnt. Today I have found that my head is spinning with life beyond Coronavirus, I know it just has to work somehow but I don't know what will become our new normal. Will we always have to queue to shop, will a catchup coffee with friends be lost forever and how will the experience of eating out in restaurants become. Visiting a cinema or theatre with everyone separated by several seats may somehow lose the atmosphere of the production and how on earth will Coronation Street work in the Rovers!!

Well that's all for now, take care, stay safe and enjoy another sunset from home.x

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