Life is WOW, full of highs, oh and then the lows

Time has this habit of whizzing by so quickly sometimes, usually when things are going really well. When life is a bit rubbish, boy does it drag and make everything so drawn out and problematic and then whoosh we are back on a high again. I read that when life is good don't expect it to last, but when life is bad don't expect it to last either.

The impermanence of life, everything changes.

This beautiful flower slowly grew, it waited for the sun, rain, warmth and then blossomed into a wonderful perfect image, stunning. Tomorrow when I walk by it will have faded, shrivelled or even fallen to the ground. I will be sad, although the memory will remain with me of something so glorious, but my sadness will be short lived because another bud is unfurling, life changes constantly, go with it.

This week feels like new beginnings, a return to some kind of normality but not as we have ever known before. With some shops and businesses reopening, the people who have been protected in the confines of their homes for so long are starting to venture outside their doors. It is both exciting and quite daunting for those who haven't been out for such a long time. There's a longing to do the things they used to do before lockdown, only to find that the restrictions prevent them from returning to the same life. Patience is needed now more than ever and maybe that is a good thing, a time for us all to slow down and appreciate people around us, to enjoy the journey and not just arrive.

This is a special little heart drawing I created for a friend.

Do you ever sit and wonder, who am I? Do I have a purpose and if so what is it?? I am someone who definitely sits back and reflects on life, can't you tell, but I know that through all the bumps along the way, when I really didn't think I could cope any more, I learnt how to come through the other side, I got stronger and didn't give up. There are times when that just goes out the window, but just for a moment and then I bounce back. The simple things in life are probably what ground me, everything in nature has such a calming effect. To see the veins on the leaves of a tree and the pollen sprinkled softly on the petals of a flower is mesmerising, the clouds in the sky that fascinate me with such spectacular colours as the sun goes down at the end of the day, these are only a few of the miracles in the world. I know we are all different and what works for me, may not for someone else. But if one person who never really looks at life as I do, decides to go out in the garden tonight and look up at the sky at sunset and sees nature in all its glory, then my purpose in life to share with you is all worth it. Goodnight

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