Just me, the sky above and the bleating sheep

What a privilege it is to have the stunning surroundings of the South Hams in Devon on my doorstep. To be able to drive home and look over fields out to sea, towards Dartmouth and in the other direction the hills and landscape of Dartmoor. A little further along the road the view opens up to an expanse of coast in the distance known as Torbay, beautiful.

Tonight I went for a walk into the middle of a field just to watch the sun go down. Except for the bleating sheep in three different fields competing with each other, there was no other sound. Alone with my thoughts and Father Sky above, Mother Earth below and a glorious sun setting towards Dartmoor, what more could I want in life.

With so much going on in this crazy world, especially at the moment, how do people cope, how do they feel about their futures, there are so many struggling. People need other people to get through, they need to be cared for, to receive kindness, compassion and love. I have read some posts on Facebook recently where I know that a person is reaching out for help, to friends or even strangers. I don't know them but will let them know I care about them and send them strength and love, if it gives them comfort it has to be good for them.

Look at this wonderful piece of street art/graffiti I came across today on the outside wall of a toilet block! I haven't seen it before and it is somewhere I walk regularly, so I'm wondering if it has just been created for people to enjoy, it brightened my day and I thought you may like to see it too.

I have been working on my beach drawing again, the one that is taking forever to complete with grains of sand and even tiny bubbles on the waters edge, why on earth did I decide to start it on a piece of A4 instead of the smaller A5!! I will be creating a new drawing soon of a another landmark from Dartmouth, either the Butterwalk building in town or the Castle going out to sea, I'm not sure which one yet but it will just happen when I pick up my pencil and paper.

Every corner I turn, every path I walk and every journey I take, I am looking at the sky, the hedgerows and the ground for a photo to take. It may be the colours of the flowers, the shapes of the clouds or even just the angle and shadows of a building but if I see it at that moment then I have to take it. I was always told I had an eye for detail and with my line drawing too, perhaps it's that detail I see and want to capture. Well its all good if it brings a moment of happiness to someone.

Well my ramblings are over for today, I will leave you with one of my drawings and send you love and strength. Stay safe and find happiness in a moment.

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