It's been a while

Well its been a few months since I last wrote anything and in many ways it feels like life has been on hold but also so much has changed. The summer seemed to be returning to some sort of normality, well kind of! although there was restricted access to shops, pre-booking tables in restaurants, cinemas and other events looking a bit odd and lacking the usual atmosphere of before, it was all looking quite positive and then, well it seems to have taken a backwards step and who knows what is ahead for us. I try not to take too much in and don't read the newspapers or listen to the news, its all too much with so many people having different opinions and apparent knowledge in this situation at the moment, I don't know where the truth lies and who to believe. I choose to just live each moment in joy as much as I can and try to make my days enjoyable and not be bought down by that which I cannot control. I do have times when its difficult, like everyone else but I know I have to keep going, there is no right or wrong way of being, its up to each of us to decide how best to live our lives and find what works for us.

I haven't being doing much drawing lately, I put the pens away and didn't feel inspired to pick them up again for a while. A couple of days ago I just suddenly felt like I wanted to draw something so out they came and now I'm getting back on track again, I hope. This is a drawing I have shared today on my Facebook and Instagram pages, I started it a while back and finally finished it this morning.

There has definitely been a change in temperature in recent days and how suddenly it feels like Autumn has arrived and I don't like it one bit. Some people look forward to cosy nights in, lighting the fire, warming foods and dark evenings, not me, give me the Summer any day. I'm still holding on to those memories of lovely blue skies and the heat of the sun, glorious walks on the beach and healthy plates of fresh salad and bowls of wonderful fruit. This was one of those perfect days spent in Plymouth in August, photographs have that lovely way of taking you back there in an instance, just by looking at them.

Hasn't it been really special to be able to see friends and family again, although I really do miss those hugs as I'm sure you have too. We all need to have people in our lives to make it worthwhile, we make them feel special by catching up with them and they do the same for us. I have some amazing friends who mean the world to me, some I don't get to see so often because of distance but they are always a part of my life and I care so much about them all. Its also nice when you connect with new people and find that you have things in common and start sharing more and more and you see a friendship developing, which is really good.

I'm still looking out for those wonderful sunsets at the end of each day and always have my camera at the ready. I haven't made the early morning sunrises quite yet, a bit too early for me but maybe one day. So I will leave you with this one from a few weeks ago and wish you goodnight. Take care

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