Sundays, for relaxing and drawing

24.05.20 7pm

I am new to writing blogs but do enjoy putting pen to paper as such and everyone keeps suggesting I give it a try, so here we go.

Today has been a glorious sunny day here in Devon and I am hoping for a wonderful sunset this evening as I love to take photographs and capturing the colours as the sun goes down, which is the highlight of my day. We went for a lovely walk along the lanes this afternoon and enjoyed the silence and the looking at the views over towards Dartmoor. The sea over Torbay was a little hazy but still clear enough to make out the buildings in the distance. Just to sit and take in this beautiful area makes me so inspired and motivated, I just wish I could paint!

Sundays at the moment are a great time to spend at home relaxing and drawing, while my lovely husband creates his magic in the kitchen.. The lockdown is still in place which means so many people are unable to leave home but as I am working during the week, the weekends are a nice time for a break.

I have started a new drawing over the last couple of days which I will share once it has been completed, but this is one that I began a while ago and it is so time consuming that I can only sit down and do a little at a time, so this is progress so far....

It is my interpretation of the edge of the sea as the water recedes from the sand and stones of the beach. I do tend to draw on A5 paper but this one is on A4 so quite a lot of area to fill with a small pen.

I will leave it there for now and see how my first writing looks once published. I do hope you enjoy my drawings and I will be adding more pictures of the latest ones soon. I have not been able to get prints done of the new ones yet as the printers are closed, but please contact me if you would like to buy any of my prints.

Have a lovely weekend.


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