Holding a Paintbrush

Prints of my original drawings

These are my collection of drawings which I will continue adding to as I create new ones, so please visit again to see what else I have produced.  Also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for current artwork.

All prints from these originals can be purchased by contacting me or visiting my Etsy page, they come with a white mount and backing board ready to put into a 10" x 8" frame.


Just £14 inc postage (UK)


Airedale Terrier

The Airdale Terrier brings back childhood memories as it was the first dog that I walked....or he walked me.
They are such lovely upright dogs with a cute walk

A Devon Crab

I had to choose a Devon Crab with living in the beautiful County.  They are popular here for children to catch in their nets along the quay, I'm glad to say that they do put them back in the water


Lighthouse on the Rocks

I based this lighthouse on Smeaton Tower at Plymouth.  A strong image of Devon that brings security and protection to fishermen and sailors

To the Moon

A touch of magic with the hare and fairy under an early moon.  The fairy is sprinkling a bit of sparkle while flying over the toadstool


Little Square House

This drawing is of a house l similar in shape to something I would draw as a child, just a little more elaborate now. 

A Moose or an Elk? 

On this page it is definately a Moose. Such a huge animal which I hope to see in the wild one day. I did get to see a life-size replica of one during a visit to Norway, amazing 



A popular image used in home interiors of the Buddha. I find that many people are attracted to the Buddha whether through religion, a way of life to follow or just for decoration. 

Meow Pusscat

Always a purrfect pet to keep you company.  Cats are always a favourite and images of them are loved by adults and children 


Love Heart

A heart the symbol of love. Hearts are always a popular image for people to buy and share with those close to them. I enjoyed drawing this and putting a bit of healing love into it too. 


The beautiful butterfly which emerges from its cocoon, its transformation is astounding and glorious and reminds us that we can change too, unfolding and revealing the beauty from within. 



Mandala, meaning circle in Sanskrit, they represent wholeness, unity and harmony and very relaxing to create


Labradors are a favourite dog of mine, they are strong, sturdy, loyal and wonderful to have in your life. 


Anchors Away

Dartmouth, is a Naval town with the college on the hill and many boats that visit each year, the anchor is a coastal favourite in homes as well as attached to boats of course

Flirty Giraffe

This felt like a boy giraffe as I was drawing it but then everyone commented on the eyes and said it was definately a girl, a bit flirty too! 


A Fish called Bream

I wanted to draw a fish, I asked my husband 'what fish looks like that' and drew one in the air, he said a Bream and there we have it! 

An Inquisitive Fox 🦊 

I started drawing this lovely Fox for a friend as a gift but couldn't get it finished in time. Her home has the name Fox within it and I thought should be happy to receive the picture, instead I gave her another picture. Sshh don't tell her but she will get the Fox too


The Cockerel 

The Cockerel struts around, with his ladies following behind. Proud and strong. My memories of a special place and Charlie the Cockerel who visited me each day

Music for life

This was created for local music events, using fine ink pen lines, dots and doodle art. The name of the event is then added to the print when needed.


Bertie the Bee

This was created as an order for a customer, her only request was for a bee design and if it could have a splash of yellow and this was my interpretation

Garden view

I am so inspired by nature in my drawings.  This was created from some of the beautiful flowers in the local gardens where I live


Serenity the Seahorse

A beautiful sea creature, some are so tiny but perfect in every way. This was created with lines and dots using a fine line ink pen

Dartmouth in Devon

A place I feel at home.  The beauty of the surroundings draws me back again and again.  To walk alongside the River Dart to the mouth of the sea, stunning

jigsaw 1.jpg
jigsaw 2.jpg

Jigsaw Piece 1

A jigsaw piece which links to another to represent family.  This was created with more angular designs for a son/father to complement the Jigsaw Piece 2 but can  just enjoyed and purchased on its own

Jigsaw Piece 2

A jigsaw piece which links to another to represent family.  This was created with more floral designs for a daughter/mother to complement the Jigsaw Piece 1 but can just be enjoyed and purchased on its own.